Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A blog of love

This is a hiking blog. It is a blog of my love of the Earth. My love of the great outdoors. My love of Nature and its rich, dynamic beauty.

I love hiking by myself. To be completely immersed in Nature. To allow my spirit expand to the horizon without hindrance. To be able to stop for as long as I like and inspect a bug or a flower bud or an interesting rock. When I am alone, I am silent and fully receptive to the sounds of the wind, the water and the birds. Sometimes I can even hear the trees.

I love hiking with my family and my friends as well. More eyes notice more things. Children's eyes notice everything. Being outdoors makes me happy. Being outdoors with people I love can increase that happiness a great deal.

Twelve years ago Papa Quail and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and settled in the East Bay. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the East Bay and all of its wild beauty. From the peaceful shoreline to the hills skyline, down to the creeks and lakes and all the way up to the highest point - the summit of Mount Diablo. It's signature topography, covered with a mantle of rich and diverse vegetation and teeming with wildlife, as well as ideal weather year-round, the East Bay is a true heaven for Nature lovers and recreational hikers such as myself.

I opened this blog so I could share my hiking experiences. Mostly in the East Bay, but also in other places I travel to with my family. If you are already a hiker, perhaps you can share your thoughts as well. If you are not, well, it's never too late to get out there and enjoy the love of Nature!


  1. I am ready to go hiking this morning after reading your words. Let's go. Love, Cheryl